Physical Therapy

Physical TherapyThe human body is a complex creation that takes years of study to understand. When you experience pain, physical therapy could be the treatment you need. Physical therapy covers a wide range of physical conditions and can be both preventive and rehabilitative. If you need physical therapy in Catonsville or Canton or Brewers Hill in Baltimore, MD, you can make Kreis Physical Therapy your trusted healthcare provider.

Kreis Physical Therapy: Physical Therapist in Baltimore, MD

A physical therapist treats anyone of any age; physical therapy applies to anyone, from a child with a sprained ankle to a cyclist with a knee injury to an elder who survived a stroke. At Kreis Physical Therapy, we can help you find a treatment plan that suits your needs to recover from pain, heal the body, manage medical conditions, and prevent future injuries.

How Does Physical Therapy Work?

Physical therapy is all about correcting and strengthening functional movements. A physical therapist looks at the reasons for your pain and will address the cause(s.) Sometimes, other parts of the body could affect where you are experiencing pain. The therapist will then implement techniques of exercising the body to meet your health goals.

Man Walking with Railing in Physical Therapy

What parts of the body does this treatment apply to?

  • the neck
  • the shoulder
  • the elbow
  • the wrist
  • the hand
  • the back
  • the hip
  • the knee
  • the ankle
  • the foot
  • and more

More Physical Therapy Services in Baltimore

This type of medical treatment is an umbrella term that alludes to our other physical therapy services in Baltimore. Examples of our services include post-surgical physical therapy, joint replacement physical therapy, and rotator cuff repair physical therapy.

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