Welcome to Kreis Physical Therapy in Catonsville and Canton! We provide a range of physical therapy services in Catonsville, MD, and Canton and Brewers Hill, Baltimore, and we look forward to seeing how we can help you. Below is a brief overview of our physical therapy services.

  • Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is an umbrella term covering the medical treatments below. It looks at the causes of physical pain and uses physical exercises to treat them. Physical therapy strengthens, corrects, and heals the body and helps it manage disorders and other conditions.

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  • Orthopedic Care

    Orthopedic care specializes in the musculoskeletal structure. Our outpatient orthopedic therapy services help heal the body of injuries such as fractures, tears, and sprains and eliminate pain in the shoulders, knees, back, neck, etc.

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  • Balance Training

    Balance training benefits those who are aging or have an amputation, a balance disorder, or any condition that would compromise one’s balance. Different exercises help, but a tailored program performed correctly and consistently will show real results without injury.

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  • Gait Training

    The trained eye of a physical therapist can detect even the slightest abnormality in a person’s gait. Gait training improves how one walks through strengthening, mobility, and walking/stepping exercises. It is especially helpful for people post-surgery or injury or those with a disorder or deformity.

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  • Post-Surgical Care

    Surgical treatment goes far beyond the surgery itself. Physical therapy maintains the body’s functionality, mobility, and strength. It also reduces pain and swelling and overall helps the patient recover faster.

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As one can see, Kreis Physical Therapy offers a wide range of physical therapy services in the Baltimore area with a professional and individualized approach. We care for each person’s unique health needs and root for their success. We look forward to hearing from you about any of your physical therapy needs.

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